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These films are suitable for a wide variety of form-fill-seal packaging applications.

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CRYOVAC® brand form-fill-seal films have a wide range of properties available and are compatible with most horizontal or vertical form-fill-seal equipment. Vertical form-fill-seal applications range from soups, sauces, and condiments as well as small, solid foods packed in liquid and are a great choice to replace rigid containers like metal cans or glass jars. Horizontal form-fill-seal applications range from tray overwrap to vacuum bags for large, asymmetrical primal cuts of protein or large blocks of cheese.

Our form-fill-seal films have a sustainability profile that surpasses comparable alternatives. These films address all major sustainability concerns including evacuation, food safety, carbon footprint, space savings, and end-of-life recovery.

  • Excellent abuse resistance against puncture and abrasion
  • Improves sustainability footprint
  • Provides secure, high-integrity seals that are designed to survive the demanding rigors of rough handling during distribution
  • Superior flavor protection
  • Custom trap printing available for improved branding
  • A variety of barrier and non-barrier films available based on application need
  • Flexible package format helps optimize shipping and storage versus rigid containers

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