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Our inflatable cushioning is made with 70% post-industrial material.

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Our inflatable cushioning is made with 70% post-industrial material.

BUBBLE WRAP® brand recycled content inflatable cushioning creates a distinct eco-friendly advantage over standard inflatable bubble, which is made from virgin resin. Cushion your products to protect against vibration and shock during shipping and handling while enhancing sustainability. This cushioning is inflatable on demand, which means more efficient storing and shipping.


  • Made with post-industrial material
  • Green opaque film indicates sustainability for end user
  • Lightweight material takes up minimal space for more efficient storing and shipping
  • High-yield, boxed material
  • EZ-Tear perforations for easy separation
  • How2Recycle compliant for store drop-off recycling
  • Available in 300 and 600 mm width
  • Perforated every 150 mm
  • Honeycomb design

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